Heavenly Harvest©is a faith based living franchise

incorporating life tools from the Bible, with the visual

arts, food awareness, and scriptural wellness.

Heavenly Harvest© links the "fruits" of the Spirit  with 

healthy physical and spiritual practices.

Each Heavenly Harvest© personality represents a character 

trait with a corresponding verse from the Bible, a letter, and a number.

By incorporating nutritional label designs as a means of identifying each

character with their personalities and related information, it is our hope that

young readers develop an increased awareness of what is in what they eat.

                As H.H. grows, parents will have access to new on-line learning content,

                    along with other unique scripture inspired products that will remind      

                   and encourage families to grow in their foundations of faith.  

                                "Heavenly Harvest© The ABC's of Faith" is the first release

                                    of what we hope to be a uniquely edifying family experience

                                    with truly something for everybody.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have, or visit us on facebook.